The Record launched 60 years ago for the ‘person in the pew’

The Record was first published as the newspaper for the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan in 1951. The first two editors — Jack Chapin (1951-62) and F. Plummer Whipple (1963-72) — served during the Bishop Richard Emrich era. When asked by the bishop to develop a newspaper, Chapin told the bishop he would undertake the assignment under the condition that Emrich understood that the bishop’s picture would be in each issue no more than once: this was to be a newspaper for the person in the pew.

In 1972, Bishop Emrich asked Bill Logan to serve as editor. Harry Cook served as managing editor and became editor in 1976.

There have been five editors since then: John Laycock (1980-1981), Lois Leonard (1981-85), Jeanie Wylie-Kellermann (1986-91), Herb Gunn (1991-2010) and Rick Schulte (2010-present),

The 1995 geographical restructuring of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan coincided with several changes involving The Record, one of which included an emphasis on distribution to each home in the diocese. Three years later, those efforts came to fruition.

Over the years, there have been some changes with the product. Today, current news and features from the diocese can be found in The Record (which shifted to its current, quarterly magazine format in 2009), its website and Weekly Connection, a Tuesday e-newsletter.

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