6 crucial reasons to use captions, transcripts, and subtitles.

You’re likely aware that captions and subtitles are necessary to make videos accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing, but they also help your videos reach broader audiences. View our use cases for speech-to-text services—some might surprise you.

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Benefits of Rev’s speech-to-text services.

Reach more viewers and increase engagement

85% of social media users watch videos with the sound turned off. Without captions, you’re missing out on an opportunity to connect with a much wider audience. Plus, social media algorithms favor videos—that is, make them appear in more searches and feeds—when they’re captioned.

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Improve accessibility to prove you care

Providing video captions is a common courtesy for anyone who may be deaf or hard of hearing. If you’re hosting an audio-only podcast, posting a transcript of each episode allows people who cannot hear well—or prefer to read—to enjoy content they otherwise couldn’t.

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Discover actionable insights in seconds

Scrubbing through hours of audio content to find insights from interviews or focus groups is time-consuming, but Rev’s transcription services make it fast and easy. Searchable transcripts help you quickly find high-impact feedback.

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Streamline audio and video editing production

If your team deals with hours of audio and video data, manually listening to all of it is inefficient. Instead, top video production companies use transcripts to quickly find golden moments in the editing bay—it’s as easy as searching a document for keywords.

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Replace note-taking and create a culture of active listening

It’s nearly impossible to take notes and actively listen at the same time. Instead, many companies are opting to use Rev to transcribe meetings. Employees can remain fully engaged during meetings, then refer to the transcript for virtually perfect notes later on.

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Expand your audience to non-English markets

There’s no reason to limit your audience to English speakers—with subtitles, you can reach a global audience. Add subtitles to your videos in 15+ languages including Chinese, German, and Spanish to reach new markets around the world. 

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Rev Premium Service Captions Help Sundance Film Festival Reach Largest-Ever Audience

The online Festival’s programming slate included 73 feature and 50 short films, four indie series, 23 talks and events, and 14 projects in the New Frontier exhibition for innovative storytelling.

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