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Spotify provides "Music for Everyone"

With over 20 million subscribers, Spotify is one of the largest digital content streaming services. Users can choose from millions of songs, along with innovative video and audio content, to enjoy wherever they are. They can listen for free or subscribe to the service for additional features.

As Head of Post Production, Rodney McMahon II oversees original video and podcast content. Each piece of content produced requires an accurate transcript. To keep pace with Spotify’s workflow, he must submit the transcripts quickly to production staff for editing.

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Customer Challenges

High-Volume, On-Time without Errors

To maintain Spotify’s rapid workflow, producers and editors need transcripts as soon as possible. Even one or two extra days of waiting can slow the process and cause unacceptable delays.

"If something takes longer than a day or two, my creative producers are already going to be behind the eight ball when the transcription comes in," says McMahon.

Finding transcription vendors wasn’t difficult, McMahon says. But finding one with the bandwidth to meet their ultra-short turnaround times was a problem. Previous vendors simply couldn’t deliver complete and accurate transcripts fast enough:

"Other vendors we used couldn't turn things around quick enough. We would have a 45-minute string-out we needed by the following day, and it would take them two or three days," says McMahon.

He knew they needed a transcription partner capable of keeping up with them.

No Room for Error

Accurate transcripts are always important, in any industry. But with Spotify’s time-sensitive production process, accuracy is even more crucial. Careless mistakes and low-quality work mean unnecessary delays and costly do-overs. Previous transcription providers fell short when it came to accuracy.

"We had tried someone who was recommended to me years ago. But when the transcripts came back, they were very inaccurate," says McMahon.

With little margin for error, Spotify needed a vendor that would sweat the details and offer high-quality, polished work on time, every time.

Being able to implement Rev has been super helpful to us. Unlike other service providers in the transcription world, Rev has been able to turn around our transcripts very quickly, very efficiently and very accurately.

Rodney McMahon II

Head of Post-Producton at Spotify


Accuracy and Speed at the Right Price

When McMahon discovered Rev’s pricing, he knew he’d finally found an affordable answer: "I came across Rev’s site, and I was like, ‘What? A dollar a minute? I'm down." Rev’s simple pricing model is transparent, predictable and easy-to-calculate — with no surprises.

Speedy Turnaround

McMahon says that Rev’s ability to deliver transcripts in less than a day has been vital to his team’s success. And along with Rev’s 24-hour turnaround, he has years of high-quality archived Rev transcripts at his fingertips.

"Let’s say that five years from now, we’re looking for a piece that talks about a blue Gibson guitar. Because we have these transcripts, we can go into our asset management tool, type the keyword and the transcript will pop up," says McMahon.

With access to this searchable archive of high-quality transcripts, Spotify can easily find and repurpose existing content to reach a new audience.

Consistent Accuracy

With guaranteed 99% accuracy, Rev’s transcripts deliver the consistency Spotify relies on.

Without the worry and hassle of mistakes, McMahon can facilitate a smooth, end-to-end content production process. Unlike previous transcription providers, Rev’s transcripts are both fast and correct. Without costly slowdowns, producers and directors quickly receive the content they need for editing purposes.

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