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Knowing that you guys have resources all around the world that are working on these things all the time, it made us very comfortable that someone is always going to be on this and we won't have to wait for someone to be in the office.

Rodney McMahon II

Head of Post Production at Spotify

Accelerate the editing process with a smarter workflow

Dig through your raw footage, find great moments, and build your storyline.

  • Use our interactive editor to search keywords, highlight quotes, and pull sound bites

  • Build a story and identify key quotes from transcribed subject interviews

  • Turn video shoots into time-stamped text to accelerate the editing process

  • Integrate with your favorite hosting, editing, and collaboration tools

Get your content in front of more audiences

Ease your distribution woes with accurate and fast files that help meet every release deadline.

  • Control your timeline with as soon as 24 hour delivery for all file types

  • Expand your content's reach with FCC and ADA-compliant captions

  • Post full transcripts for increased accessibility and search engine optimization

  • Use our interactive editor to spot check, adjust atmospherics, and offset captions

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