Free call recorder app by Rev

Record any important phone call, from interviews to sales pitches—then get a polished transcript of the audio file. Download our voice recorder app to your iPhone and start recording both outgoing and incoming calls.

No hidden fees or ads

Free and unlimited recording

Download the Rev call recorder app—it’s free!


100% free

Unlimited free call recording for incoming and outgoing calls, no hidden fees or ads.

Order transcripts

Place an instant order through our call recording app. Receive 99%-accurate text transcripts of any call for just $1.50 per minute.

Organize and share

Organize your recordings and transcripts, then share via email, Dropbox, or Evernote.

Trusted by 50,000+ active monthly users

The Rev Call Recorder app has been downloaded over 100,000 times by users all over the country. Why? It’s the only free call recording app in the world—and it’s available for you to download right now.

Some phone conversations are too urgent to forget, so record all your important calls, from interviews to business meetings.  Don’t look to other call recording apps—Rev’s phone call recorder for iPhone is 100% free.

If you want a written record of what was said on the call, exactly how it was said, you can order a transcript of your phone call in an instant. With one tap, you’ll get a text transcription of your call in under 12 hours, with 99% accuracy, for just $1.50 per minute.

Put Rev’s network of 72,000+ expert transcriptionists in your phone and order a transcript whenever you need one. Or if time is of the essence, you can order a 90%+-accurate AI-generated transcript for just $0.25 a minute and perfect your transcript with our free editor.

Countless delighted fans of the Rev call recorder app!


I often conduct phone interviews. This is a simple utility without any frills or unnecessary features. Call, start recording, send my recording in to be transcribed. I save hours every day and the price is well worth the time saved. Thank you to app developers who are keeping it simple for us.

Ny pizza 99

I'm so happy that Rev finally made a call recorder. I've been a user of Rev transcription service for years for my interview recordings. Recording calls has always been a hassle. This app makes it pretty painless to record cell phone calls and then getting them transcribed is a tap away. I love Rev and this call recorder!


Love how simple it is to record phone calls. Much better than some of the other apps that I've played around with (including some that cost money). Bonus is that this app is free and allows me to send recordings to be transcribed. I sometimes conduct interviews over the phone and it's nice to record those calls and get a transcript of what was said...

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