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Record, trim, and transcribe— for free!

Download our speech-to-text apps directly to your phone to record and transcribe on-the-go, or visit our in-browser tools to make adjustments to your audio and caption files.

Free Apps

Voice Recorder App

Turn your phone into a professional recording device. Perfect for capturing lectures, memos, and off-the-cuff brainstorms.

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Audio transcription app

Send us your audio files on the go, and we’ll make sure they’re transcribed with 99% accuracy by one of our 70,000+ expert freelancers.

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Call Recorder App

Capture every detail of important calls for future playback. Whether it’s an interview or a sales call, our iPhone call recorder app provides a perfect record of any call.

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Free Online Tools

Audio trimmer & cutter

Need to make some quick edits to an audio file? Cut and trim with our in-browser audio trimmer and cutter in almost any format.

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Online voice recorder tool

Record your voice or any other sound straight from your browser, then download your session as an MP3—no additional software required.

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Caption converter tool

Convert your standard SRT caption files into 1 of 12 caption formats including MacCaption (.mcc), Timed Text (.ttml), and WebVTT (.vtt).

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